“I was a little desperate as my husband and I were trying to conceive for quite a while (close to 3 years) when I came upon Aysha.

Throughout my life, I have suffered from PCOS and the continual absence of my menstrual cycle, so of course, planning for a family became difficult. We first sought professional help from one of the top fertility doctors in Melbourne, who managed to regulate my periods by taking a combination of Metformin and Clomid. After half a year she later adjusted my medication from Clomid to Letrozole as my body wasn’t responding by maturing my follicles properly. I then took Letrozole for almost 2 years with no result despite us following the doctors’ instructions to the dot. After this time and given that I was coming close to 35 years of age, my husband and I were introduced to the possibility of going through an IVF treatment… The funny thing was the doctor couldn’t really explain to me why we weren’t getting pregnant, to her we were supposed to be an “easy case”… I don’t doubt her abilities at all, she is a great doctor and I could sense that she genuinely wanted to help us.

I wasn’t too keen on going through IVF so I started looking for some external help when I encountered Aysha through a common Facebook group we were both a part of. She had suffered from infertility issues herself (more significant than mine actually) and had managed to get pregnant on her own just by adjusting her diet. She offered her help without me asking and was very generous to schedule a video call with me to explain what she did and share her personal experience… When I ended the call with her I just knew deep down that this was what I needed to do, I was filled with positivity! She explained the “why” I wasn’t getting pregnant in just “one call” and something in me just clicked, this was the solution I was looking for… I decided to stop my medication without telling my doctor and did a complete overhaul of my diet (and believe me I thought I was eating healthy before), although I still attended my monthly visits as I wanted to see how my follicles were maturing…

My “Aha” moment came after one and half months following Aysha’s’ instructions when I went to my routine follicle check-up as I was nearing ovulation and I could see on the screen as clear as day that I had at least 5 follicles developing in each ovary! I couldn’t believe it, up until that point I always had 1 or 2 max in both ovaries, so to jump from max 2 to at least 10 was eye-opening for me. I will never forget the surprised look on the doctor’s face and then she said “Looks like the Letrozole is finally kicking in!”… I was in shock and in my mind I was like ‘yeah sure, all thanks to the Letrozole I didn’t take this month’ hahaha… With the diet changes, I also saw a massive improvement in the quality of my cervical mucus. I’m happy to say that I ended falling pregnant naturally in as little as 2 and a half months after following Aysha’s’ instructions and after close to 3 years of infertility treatments. My baby boy, at the time of writing this, will be 4 months tomorrow!

I feel Aysha’s services are best suited to all those that are fed up with conventional medicine not providing the root explanations of why something is manifesting in their bodies, in my case it was PCOS. Also to all those people looking for a more natural way to heal without the use of prescription drugs. The body is meant to naturally heal itself! We just have to give it the proper foods for the body to be able to do so.”

Valeria from Melbourne, Australia

After being diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’ after 3 years of trying to conceive.  I was told there was no option other than IVF with a private clinic because I was 38 and was “running out of time”  as I was continuously being told.  The thought of IVF made me feel very nervous and uneasy and I generally knew I didn’t feel ready, especially with my anxiety issues.  With this option not available on the NHS for me and my husband, my fertility future also looked very expensive.

After an introduction online session with Aysha, my immediate thoughts were how lovely it was to have someone to listen fully to my whole story, she was generally interested and made me feel at ease immediately.  As our sessions went on I was able to tell Aysha about all sorts of worries and memory blocks which often made me feel quite embarrassed and I would avoid wanting to talk to people about them.  With Aysha however, they somehow seemed distant problems and I was able to view them in a different way.  Together we worked through activities and I think I learnt most of all how to be in control of my own emotions rather than let them take over me.  I very much looked forward to our relaxation sessions and the daily ‘soothing soul break’ she gave me to listen to.

Soon enough, halfway through the program, I fell pregnant after 3 ½ years of trying and without needing to try IVF which consultants were telling me was my only option.  I couldn’t believe my luck and I can only put it down to Aysha’s help and all the wonderful calming techniques she taught me!  Even through my early days of pregnancy and some anxious moments with Covid 19 around Aysha has continued to show me the support needed to keep me and my baby healthy!

Infertility is a very difficult subject that can certainly lead to an emotional downward spiral. Sometimes doctors are quick to fix IVF when there are other lifestyle changes that can be made, especially when the problem is left unexplained. Thank you for that inspiration.

Amanda, UK

I sought help from Aysha, as I had been trying to have a baby for over 3 years.  I had tried naturally and via IVF and I had 2 miscarriages – I felt a bit lost about what to do next.  Aysha’s warm, caring, and empowering style helped me immensely.  Having a cheerleader and coach in Aysha helped me feel more confident to trust myself and my choices.  I feel healthier and happier generally due to the coaching on how to not let infertility hold me back.  The program is great and the resources can be used whenever needed.  My husband even joins in on some of the exercises.  I learned that I could still have happiness and joy in my life, even though I am dealing with the grief and loss of losing a baby and not having a child.  If you are having fertility issues, I really recommend using Aysha to help you through.  I think this kind of coaching can help you whatever your fertility journey has been – everyone’s path is different, but having someone help you emotionally along the way is so valuable.  It helps you feel more like you again, getting some of the joy back in your life.

Katrina from Sydney, Australia