Fertility Coaching

I tailor our sessions based on where you are in your journey and what you need in order to maximise your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby. I provide emotional and mind/body support based on the Freedom Fertility Formula.

Improve your reproductive health and boost your fertility with 1:1 support in the following areas.


Learn how to nourish your reproductive system and get out of its way so healing can occur. This includes the best “food as medicine” that will boost your fertility. Know which “healthy” foods to avoid and why.

  • Learn why current eating trends could be damaging your fertility and how to reverse this.
  • Uncover the potential true causes of “unexplained infertility” and other issues. Learn how to overcome them. Hint – it is NOT YOUR FAULT.
  • Help with charting your menstrual cycles to learn when the optimal time is for intercourse and to recognise any problems showing up in your cycle that need to be resolved. You will feel more in control and be able to monitor your progress.
  • Learn the most powerful but gentle detox techniques for your body and your environment in order to help prevent miscarriage and to ensure the future health of your baby.
  • Support with implementing new changes and accountability, inspiration, and motivation to keep you on track.


Infertility can cause enormous stress anxiety and emotional pain. The Freedom Fertility Formula is a mixture of coaching counselling and mind/body work to help you unravel the emotional overwhelm, deal with stress, and set the mind up for fertility success by addressing:

  • The impact of stress in your life, giving you the knowledge and powerful tools to lower the impact of toxic stress on your body and increase your chances of conceiving.
  • The impact of emotional overwhelm providing support and knowledge to make sense of things, view things differently, and to feel more emotionally in control.
  • The negative impact infertility has on a person’s life which enables you to work through those obstacles, get your life back, and live in joy again despite your fertility status.
  • Removing any limiting beliefs or subconscious blocks you feel that may be impacting your fertility.